Coming out Southern California’s music scene melting pot are The Bolts, with their debut album Wait ‘til We’re Young. Produced by manager Guy Eckstine, the album is well-crafted, blending the sounds and styles of great L.A. bands like RHCP’s John Frusciante, Ozma and Muse.

With a live rock sound that doesn’t have that overdone studio quality, you’ll get a true sample of what these boys sound like live, and why they were hand picked as the only local band in L.A. to play the Sunset Strip Music Festival 2012.

Wait ‘til We’re Young is an album anyone can enjoy. It pulls from all genres and quite simply makes up who The Bolts are. Tracks like “Play The Music” “Don’t Let Me Go” and “Caving In” are happy-go-lucky with a driving edge and incessant beat of energy - you can’t help but sing along to them. Other songs like “Wait ‘til We’re Young” and “Walk Away” are more of a call to the indie rock genre, which is all the rage on the radio waves now.