Untitled Document It wasn’t that long ago that three members of the Afters were working in a Dallas Starbucks, slinging coffee and occasionally breaking out their acoustic guitars to soothe their caffeine-fueled customers. It’s unlikely that these guys will ever have to wear java-stained aprons again now that their debut is garnering MTV and radio airplay based on the strength of the single "Beautiful Love."

Along with the album’s title, "Beautiful Love" pretty well sums up the sentiment purveyed by the Afters. The lads come across as the lovable guys-next-door who want you to be happy because they’re happy. So their emo, sometimes emo-with-strings ("All That I Am") tends to lean toward the spiritual, running a little deeper than the average boy-seeks-tail tale.

So far the philosophy seems to be working nicely; if the Afters can cut it as relentless road dogs for a couple of years, they’ll be around for a long time.

Grade: B