Destinesia is just a six-song EP, but James is getting plenty of mileage out of the half dozen tunes on this introductory offering, including having racked up more than a quarter million views on YouTube for the “Garden” video. The song is a delicate love song where James sings of waking up next to his lover, comparing the experience to being in a magnificent garden. James accompanies himself on piano on “Garden,” but elsewhere his soulful, wonderment-filled vocal work is backed only by his acoustic guitar playing. James’ lyrics are quite poetic but not overly flowery, and mostly his words deal with the fleeting aspects of love, a subject at which he seems wise beyond his years (considering that he is only 17 years old). James’ ability to sound like an “old soul” will no doubt earn the introspective Destinesia comparisons to the work of the late Jeff Buckley. The way things are going, he may very well reach commercial heights that, for the most part, eluded Buckley.

Grade: A