Music is often inspired by pain, loss and misery but never before has it come across so beautifully and so touching, than with Lagwagon’s ninth and newest release Resolve. The tragic suicide of Derrick Plourde, the band’s original drummer, earlier this year sent shock waves throughout the entire punk community. In honor of him, Resolve is a testament of love and of memory.

As the opening track, aptly titled, "Heartbreaking Music" kicks in, it’s obvious this is an album that’s hard to digest. That’s because each song takes listeners on a series of emotional high’s and low’s and into singer Joey Cape’s heart. Each song – all so personal – signifies a moment cherished, a feeling held on to, and a life lost. It’s impossible to listen to the album without searching for a deeper understanding and meaning behind each and every lyric. And even more so, it’s pretty much impossible not to get a little teary eyed, especially during "Sad Astronaut."

Those who have stuck with Lagwagon through the years will understand and share some of the grief that is expressed on the album. Although Lagwagon’s signature goofy lyrics fans are accustomed to are not present on this album, the band members for once have let their guards down to expose themselves and their vulnerability and that’s what makes this album so compelling.

Grade: A