I’ve never been one to avoid a cheap pun, so here it goes. The Cops are really on the beat. No really. Driving toms and thundering kick drums are a huge part of the band’s sound and it’s doubtful that drummer David Weeks could be contained even if the other three in this quartet tried. As it stands, the up-front percussion gives every song a "you-better-listen!" sense of urgency that melds perfectly with the singing style of Michael Jaworski.

The boys are American, but this is strictly pub rock that’s heavily influenced by English groups like Graham Parker and the Rumour or Eddie and the Hot Rods. But it doesn’t really matter if the guitar rave-up "Don’t take it Personal, Dave" is selling Guinness or Budweiser; the song is an example of originality that separates these guys from mere flatfoots.

Solid as a night stick from start to finish.

Grade: A