Pamper yourself with these trendy, simple and affordable DIY tricks to enhance your natural beauty. Spare a few minutes to read the following and learn the tips on how to look your absolute best – fast.


Make Your Eyebrows Suit Your Face
The shape and length of your eyebrows can totally transform the rest of your face. To have polished eyebrows that are suitable for you face shape, you first need to find their perfect length. Your eyebrows should start at the area where you put a pencil up against your nose and connect straight with the inner corner of your eyes. To find the end point, connect the pencil from your nose to the outermost eyelashes, and mark that spot. The perfect place for the brow arch can be found by angling the pencil from your nose across the center of your pupil. Once you're done marking, map out those areas with a white pencil liner and start plucking!

If your eyebrows are too short or need to be fuller, try an eyebrow enhancement kit like Urban Decay's Brow Box ($29 at Sephora). It comes with two shades of brow powder, brow wax, a mini-angled brush and tweezers. Use the two shades to fill in your eyebrows and the brush and tweezers to create the perfect length and arch. When you put the wax over the powder, it'll help you keep that perfect shape all day long!

Brighten Up Your Smile
Giving your smile a makeover has never been easier. The only essential thing required to whiten your discolored teeth is the Plus White 5 Minute Speed Whitening System (around $10 at drugstores), which is all the rage in the YouTube beauty guru community. Not only it is affordable and easy to access, it is extremely simple to use.


Dip-Dye Your Hair - Without Going to the Salon
This funky trend is featured on a lot of celebrities (Nicki Minaj, Drew Barrymore, Katy Perry, etc.) during the summer, but you can wear it during the winter and spring too. However, it’s ridiculously expensive to go to salon to dip-dye your hair or get the ombre look. Luckily, you can do a version of this at home.

If you dye your hair often, you probably already own the basic equipment: gloves, plastic bag, plastic bowl and brush. The only extra thing you may need is hair bleach, which you will apply to the bottom 3 inches of your hair. And of course, you obviously need the color of your choice for the hair tips.

To dive into this vibrant and vivid hair trend, grab a Splat Complete Color Kit (, which is available at pretty much any drug store. Below are the steps to dip-dye your hair:

1. Change into an old T-shirt.
2. Braid your hair with an elastic band, and leave the ends of your hair unbraided. The length of how much   hair you leave out depends on how much hair you want to dip-dye.
3. Get ready to bleach the ends of your hair (the parts that are not braided). Note that this is an optional   step; the hair dye can still be put on even if you don’t bleach your hair. However, the color will not be as bright.
4. Put on your gloves (they come with the kit), and cover the ends of your hair in bleach. Leave it on for about 45 minutes to an hour.
5. Next, rinse the bleach out, and wash your hair with shampoo.
6. Dry your hair with a hairdryer.
7. Squeeze an appropriate amount of hair dye onto the ends of your hair. Spread the dye evenly, and make sure the part you want to dye is entirely covered.
8. Leave it on for a half an hour if you want the color to stay in for at least a couple of months.
9. After the half hour is up, rinse out the dye and blow-dry your hair.

Lastly, take the braids out. You now have the same colorful hairstyle that many celebrities have!

Try a Hair Bow Half Up-Do
Again, you don’t need to go to a hair salon or pay a bunch of money to get this hair-do. Temporarily forget about all the dating/flirting tips you have learned through the years temporarily, because this hairstyle is going to do all the flirting for you. The Hair Bow Half Up-Do is perfect for a date night. It’s sweet, romantic and innovative. Plus, you don’t need that many tools; all you need are some bobby pins and elastic bands. Below are the steps:

1. Grab two sections at the front of your hair.
2. Pull them back towards the back of your head, and bring them together into one section.
3. Then, you are going to almost create a ponytail. However, when you are on your last round of wrapping the elastic around your hair, keep the ends tucked under the elastic. That will leave you a little loop.
4. Once you have your little loop, split the loop in half to create two separate loops. Twist one of the loops sideways, and then use your fingers to spread it out as dramatic as you would like it to be, resulting in a half bow-like shape.
5. This is when you will need to use bobby pins. Secure the bow to your head by slipping a few of these pins at the bottom of the bow.
6. Repeat these steps for the other loop.

Ta-da! Your head is now topped with the mini version of Minnie Mouse’s classic bow.


Get Your Own Graphic Nails
This look is inspired by the signature “Carrie Bradshaw Purse” – the famed personalized purse that the teenage Carrie carries around all the time on "The Carrie Diaries." Simply choose a few shades of nail polishes, and paint them in splotches for each nail. The best thing about painting your nails this way: it's impossible to mess up!