It’s time to put away those tight jeans, leggings, sweaters, and coats, because it’s Spring Break! College students: Get your mind out of the books and midterm papers, and make the most of it. Do it right, and do it in style! 

Make sure you bring more than one with you. It’s best to try out a couple different shapes and styles to see which accommodate your face the best. If you have more of a round face, you can go for oversized shades, or square and cat-eyed shades. If you have an oval or square shape, go for the round or aviator frames. You can invest in a pricy designer shade on your days out and about, because it will last you a long time and come in handy. Really popular ones are Ray-bans (which are unisex) or basic thick-rimmed oversized shades in black. Bring a couple inexpensive ones that you wouldn’t mind loosing (in the ocean). Whatever you choose, make sure they have CE labeled on them, so you protect your eyes from the sun while looking great!

Bathing Suit
This is a given! However, you do not want to be stuck in a bathing suit that you hate all Spring Break! Bring two or three with you, in different colors and styles, so you can always mix and match them together. First things first, make sure you are comfortable in it. Choose a swimsuit that accommodates your body the best, from two-piece bikinis to one-piece suits. 

If you are going to be at the beach and are hoping to get a tan, you should get a bathing suit with a Bandeau top so you don’t get any visible tan lines. If you like more support, you should get a Triangle Top or Halter Top Bikini. For the ladies that like to leave some skin for the imagination, rock a basic black one-piece with cutout shapes on the sides. Last but not least, be satisfied and confident in the body that you’re in; no one’s perfect! 

This is the time to let your legs breathe from being trapped in the skinny denim all winter. You should bring a couple of pairs of shorts, from denim to cotton. High-waisted shorts have become really popular, and you will see it a lot of them this spring. I prefer the basic vintage denim high-waisted shorts that you can either make yourself or buy. You can also add some details, such as studs, on the back.

If you’re a girl who’s more into skirts than shorts, don’t worry! You should wear a high-waisted skirt in cotton and a light texture. For this Spring Break, lean towards the girly look, with skirts that are more voluminous, rather than tighter. Along with a short skirt, you should definitely have a maxi skirt that you can move around in freely.

Daytime and Evening Dresses
For the daytime, keep the dresses breezy and loose. Go with colors such as yellow, green, light pink, etc. For nighttime, put on something tight and sexy. For spring 2013, try on dresses that are emerald green! Make sure the material of the dress would not spotlight any sweat stains. And remember, keep it long enough to cover the subject but short enough to still be interesting. 

Have two or three types of bags with you. The first is a side small bag, for those days when you can throw in your lipgloss and phone and just have a good time with your bag out of the way. The second is a bit of a larger purse where you can put your daily necessities. The third is a beach bag, such as an over-the-shoulder beach tote or a cute-designed light backpack.