The 9th Annual Health Fair took place Sunday at the Los Angeles Convention Center, and it proved that residents within the greater Los Angeles area continue to consider health an important aspect of their lives.

Presented by the television network Telemundo 52-KVEA and La Salud Empieza Aquí (Health Begins Here), the fair featured Dr. Ana María Polo of “Caso Cerrado” and Adamari López of “Un Nuevo Día,” among other popular personalities. The event, which was free, easily entertained thousands of people.

Both Polo and López are breast cancer survivors. 

"I feel fantastic. I love coming here," said Polo. "I've been coming here for many years now, and I see that the best medical advice we can give people, is to be happy. To be able to laugh, and be happy, one must be healthy. And to be healthy, one must take care and be aware of where your health is. You can't wait until a catastrophe strikes. You must get checked out regularly and take action. But overall, I'm very happy to be here. I love the people of Los Angeles, and the place is very vibrant, full of energy. I feel it will continue to be the great city of the U.S."

López, who published a book titled Viviendo, agrees with Polo.

"Happy. Every time I'm in Los Angeles, people are very embracing," said López. "They always want to express their support for me and my career, and I enjoy that very much. Coming to activities like this, and spending some time with friends of mine who live here, is always a pleasure."

The fair offered health evaluations, including professional health tips from experts about cholesterol, nutrition, glucose, infant dental care, HIV and cancer, among others.

Throughout the festivities of health, the public enjoyed freebies all around - including t-shirts of the acclaimed soap operas "La Patrona" (The Return) and "Pasión Prohibida" (Forbidden Love). Both are currently being transmitted via Telemundo 52-KVEA. Other free items included towels, posters, food and drink samples, and a car giveaway took place, as well.

On the main stage, instructors delivered complimentary zumba classes to the enjoyment of those who participated, which were several bodies.

The appearances of both Polo and López came as no surprise. Both are beloved figures within the entertainment industry of the Latin community. And they serve as prime examples that with belief, patience and hard work, anything is possible.

Polo doesn't hesitate to offer health advise, particularly for women.

"Women have different health issues than men," she said. "A woman's body develops and progresses differently than a man's, even with anatomical similarities. Also, women tend to be more psychologically inclined to help others, and look out for others, especially Latin American women. And oftentimes, women are so preoccupied with the well-being of others that they neglect themselves. The main thing to remember then, is that if you want to take care of others, you must take care of yourself first."  

López, who said she'll soon be returning to work in soap operas, also managed to give health suggestions to women.

"To take care of themselves [and] to place priority on their health," she said. "It's very easy to forget about that with all our other responsibilities like their work and taking care of their families. But without being in good health, you can't do any of those things. I would also say to love themselves and respect themselves. and to move forward with a positive attitude."