Not very often are we presented with cell phone cases that are truly pieces of art. Sure, people love toting around iPhones with Justin Bieber and “Game of Thrones” fan art plastered all over them, but what about real art – the kind of art you see in a gallery or buy as a print? Can that be turned into a cell phone case?

Thanks to award-winning photographer Ian Shive, the answer is "yes." You can now buy artsy, high-quality cell phone cases that feature more than 175 real photos taken by real professional photographers on Tandem Stills + Motion's website,

Tandem Stills + Motion is a company that sells beautiful prints and iPhone cases, including cases for the iPhone 4, 4/S and 5. Shive himself provides photos for the cell phone cases (mainly national park-themed and urban landscape photos), and so do dozens of the world’s top photographers. Together, they’ve provided photos of America’s national parks, nature, abstracts, urban environments and even underwater dogs and pets.

“Pets and underwater dogs are incredibly popular,” said Shive. “They’re very viral images.”

This pet category is extremely cute, funny and creative. For example, one case called “Floating” (taken by photographer Seth Casteel) is of an adorable small miniature Dotson-looking puppy floating in a pool with an orange tennis ball. Animal and dog lovers will surely get a kick out of these cases!

However, Shive said that he is most excited about the nature and abstract cases, which include intricate up-close photos of nature images such as tree bark or a flower petal and landscape photos of golden deserts and pristine beaches.

“Nature can be as high-end as Gucci or Louis Vuitton,” said Shive. “These collections gave us something different and unique, and those are the collections that people respond to.”

The national park and urban landscapes are spectacular as well; you’ll find cases that showcase the majestic falls from Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming and, of course, Shive’s dazzling photograph of downtown L.A.’s skyline.

The great thing about is that all of the photographers benefit from people buying these cases. Many of Tandem’s photographers take photographs that help spread the word on conservation programs.

“Every case supports our photographers,” said Shive. “We split all of our profits with our photographers.”

With a profit from the sales, photographers can fund their projects that draw awareness to certain environmental issues. Thus, the money they make from a sale overall goes to a good cause.

“Morgan Heim, who is working on a photo essay on cats that are becoming endangered in Thailand...we did an iPhone case with one [of the cats] on it [entitled, 'Fishing Cat']…so these iPhone cases riase awareness on conservation programs, to raise money for photographers’ craft. That was the driving force for these cases,” said Shive.

Besides being works of art, these iPhone cases are great quality; they are impact resistant, flexible and hard. All of the cases feature an extremely thin profile, and they range from $35 to $40.

With approximately 150 new cases being added every month, you’ll be hard-pressed to not find a photo that satisfies your artistic desires.

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