The Mowglis can be described exactly as they sound: a joyful blend of everything from indie folk to pop.

The eight-member Los Angeles band recently made a name for itself when their debut song “San Francisco,” which granted the band their first entry into the billboard charts. The song oozes California summertime and upbeat melodies and is sure to become a summer hit. The Mowglis stated that they just want to “make music and spread love,” and their recently released Love’s Not Dead EP is proof of both.

“[Michael and I] went to San Francisco, and we just started writing about our love for the city and what was happening around us…it’s the song that defines us the most, this idea of being in love with love,” said Colin Dieden (vocals/guitar/percussion).

“San Francisco” is sure to 1) make you smile and 2) urge you to hit the replay button at least once. It has a sound all of its own, which is probably due to the band members’ various personalities and influences. 

“We love to listen to everything from Limp Bizkit to Fleetwood Mac to Neutral Milk Hotel. Our sound is a melting pot,” said Dieden.

“Some songs start out folk rocky and kind of morph by the end into something all of its own,” added Katie Jayne Earl (vocals/percussion).

If you’re thinking “hippie SoCal band,” you might be right. The band lives and began in a garage in the valley and realized after a few jam sessions that they “didn’t completely suck.”

The band, comprising of Michael Vince (guitar/vocals), David Appelbaum (keys/vocals), Spencer Trent (percussion/guitar/melodica/vocals), Matthew Di Panni (bass/vocals), Josh Hogan (guitar/vocals), Andy Warren (drums/percussion/vocals), Dieden and Earl, has enough people to form a small basketball team. However, they love having a unique, large assortment of members.

“Whether there’s two or four, there will always be some drama,” said Earl. “We’re like a family. Fighting with your friends is tough, but we’re getting to a point now where we’re looking at the audience, and people are singing the words to our songs – it’s unreal. You look beside you, and you’re with your best friends.”

Ready “to spread love” and their music, The Mowglis are set to begin their tour with Family of the Year at the end of March after playing South By Southwest.

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