Venice A. Fulton is somewhat of a genius. Believe it or not, he is. In Seis Semanas Para Ay Dios Mio!: Ponte Mas Delgado Que Todos Tus Amigos (Six Weeks to OMG: Get Skinnier Than All Your Friends), Fulton makes the reader feel right at home.

The book, published through Celebra (a division of Penguin), establishes an eating plan for those who want to shed some pounds off of their bodies. Upon reading it, the book persuades one to simply get more physically fit than one’s friends. The title itself is catchy and eye-grabbing; that’s a plus.

Fulton, a nutrition expert and personal trainer, suggests that all other diet plans have failed simply because they didn’t work. It’s not because of each person who embarks on the path of eating healthier and exercising to look better, but rather due to the diets themselves. The diet failed, not us. And Fulton’s diet plan, indeed, could work. It’s a matter of trying, I suppose.

The 300 or so pages of Fulton’s book begin with a mental approach, which depicts some barriers a person experiences when in the process of implementing a diet plan. In brief, there are people who don’t believe in such things. Therefore, such people could even degrade one’s way of thinking and believing in healthier eating habits. We shouldn’t let that become an obstacle, Fulton suggests. I, for one, agree.

We are all creatures of our respective societies. However, we control what we do. We choose. We decide – definitely not others. Fulton depicts five key points we all should keep in mind: body grease will diminish, a toned body is reachable, hips will become skinnier, flat stomach will come, our nails, skin and hair will look better than ever.

As a result, we’ll look better. This is grabbing your attention, isn’t it? Yeah, the same thing happened to me. So, I kept reading.

Photography has always been a part of us since its birth a long time ago. Fulton recommends we keep images of our progress to remind us who we were when we started and continued the diet plan. It’s a good way to keep cultivating self-motivation. I’m glad he took the liberty and time to mention this; in my opinion, it really works.

The total consumption of carbohydrates will forever be a factor as to how we look and/or how fast we shed pounds. To be fit, toned and skinny, we must comprehend this aspect of our diet plans. It’s a must, Fulton writes, because it directly affects the success of each person.

In all, Seis Semanas Para Ay Dios Mio!: Ponte Mas Delgado Que Todos Tus Amigos (available in both English and Spanish) succeeds in storytelling with appealing examples and detailed points of view from Fulton. To my taste, it’s a bit lengthy. 

But Fulton’s presentation of this material is genius-like. This is a must read.


Seis Semanas Para Ay Dios Mio!: Ponte Mas Delgado Que Todos Tus Amigos is now available.