Ringers is to Ringers what Trekkies was to Trekkies – namely, a film that’s half documentary and half celebration.

The Lord of the Rings was a cultural phenomenon long before 2001, and Ringers, narrated by Dominic "Merry" Monaghan and featuring interviews with most of the films’ major players, delves into everything from the books’ very humble origins to the bizarre takeover of hippie culture in the 1960s to the current craze that runs wild today.

LOTR fans will be relieved to know the film paints a more flattering picture of them than Trekkies did of "Star Trek" fans. They’re every bit as crazy about their passion, but they at least appear to be smiling and winking all the way through.

Extras: Director commentary, deleted scenes, uncut confessionals, two bonus featurettes, photo gallery.

DVD Grade: A-