We all know about the "Seven Deadly Sins;" however, have you thought about how these sins can impact your relationship? 

1.  Greed
Love: In regards to dating, greed usually happens when your partner values their own personal desires over you and your needs. Do they always get to choose what movie the two of you watch, the activities you do and the people you hang out with? Normally, greed comes into a relationship due to a lack of communication, a lack of caring for your wants and needs (time to end the relationship) or even all of those things combined. To overcome greed, there needs to be compromise in the relationship. Relationships that work tend to involve give and take from both people, not just one person who gives and another who takes.

Sex: If you feel like the sex is more work than pleasure, then you need to communicate that to your partner. It’s also good to remember that the act of pleasuring your partner can be as enjoyable for you as it is for them.

2. Sloth
Love: You know those days when you wake up, turn on the TV, and then eight episodes of “Revenge” later you realize it’s dark outside and the day is over? Well, that is a perfect example of how easily sloth can affect an unsuspecting individual. Because it is such an easy sin to commit, it is one that you should pay special attention to in your relationship. It is easy to fall into a routine with your lover and stick to things that are comfortable. While comfort is fantastic, it can often lead to boredom. Ultimately, relationships take work, not the kind of work that exhausts and frustrates you, but rather the kind of work that energizes you and makes you feel better...like exercise.

Sex: Don’t just rely on the positions, locations and times that are easiest and most comfortable because eventually, the routine will get boring. So if you feel sloth creeping into your sex life, try something new. Sex toys? Costumes? Role play? Oh my!

3. Pride
Love: Pride is considered to be the most severe of the "Seven Deadly Sins" because it is seen as the source of the other six. When you begin the dating game with someone, pride causes you to do things like wait 30 minutes before responding to a text message or pretend like the call they missed was just a butt dial. But, as much as you try to play it cool, you know that not even the season finale of "Homeland" could distract you from remembering the cute way they smiled yesterday. At a certain point, you will need to let go of your pride and be honest with your feelings. Otherwise, the potential flame will eventually fizzle into nothing.

Sex: Just because you’ve had “good reviews” from past lovers, doesn’t mean you are perfectly equipped for your current lover. Don’t let your pride keep you from asking your new partner what’s working and what needs work.

4. Lust
Love: Of all the deadly sins, lust is actually the one that can contribute something positive to a relationship. Having a deep, boiling passion for your lover is wonderful, and you should embrace or even heighten those feelings to keep things as steamy as Ryan Gosling in a shower. However, the tricky thing about lust is that it is so often mistaken for feelings of love and connection. To make sure you are not just riding the lust wave, try and spend time together without doing anything too sexual. Go on a picnic or bowling.

Sex: Lust refers to the desire to be with your lover. Thus, sometimes you need to heighten that desire by teasing and playing, rather than simply succumbing to sex immediately. So send a sexy message or wear something that makes them want to rip your clothes off in the middle of a restaurant; don’t underestimate the importance of foreplay.

5.  Envy
Love: Envy involves feeling resentful and jealous of another person’s successes and advantages so much that you wish the other person did not have those superior traits. In a relationship, your partner should want what is best for you, and they should be happy when you reach your goals or receive praise. However, sometimes when one person in the relationship is more successful, beautiful or intelligent than the other, problems arise. This is a tough sin to tackle because it is difficult for someone to change envious feelings. If you feel envious of your partner, you need to look at your own insecurities. Discussing them with your partner can also help.

Sex: If you are envious of your partner’s body and sexual prowess, remember that they are sharing those things with you. How can you be envious of something you already have?

6. Wrath
Love: Extreme anger and rage within a relationship occurs for many different reasons. While it’s normal for couples to fight, there comes a point where the wrath becomes overwhelming and it practically defines all of your interactions with your lover. To avoid getting to that point, communicate to your partner when they upset you. Do not hide your feelings and allow them to fester within you because they will eventually erupt into a gigantic rage.

Sex: Where there is wrath, there is hopefully make-up sex.

7. Gluttony
Love: Whether you two are just hooking up or you have a love strong enough to make Shakespeare awake from the dead and write "Romeo and Juliet II," gluttony is something to avoid in your relationship. It’s great to love someone’s company, but spending too much time with your lover can often lead you to forget about your personal goals. You have to remember your own life, friends, hobbies, job and your sense of self. When you are gluttonous, it’s easy for those important elements of your life to slip away. But, when the lovey-dovey phase of your relationship has passed, you will find those things will not come back to you as easily as they disappeared.

Sex: Sometimes you just want to stay in bed for days with your lover. However, overindulging in sex with your partner can eventually leave you exhausted, overwhelmed and…chafed. Remember to take some breaks eventually: grab a bite to eat, go to work and build your mutual desire for the next spicy romp.