Women: What to Wear to Dodger Games
(Credit: Photos collages by Katie McGrath)

Listen up ladies - in case you haven’t noticed from all the #springtraining trending in your news feed right now, baseball season is literally right around the corner. Whether you’ve already purchased your season tickets or come game day will have to be dragged into Dodger Stadium, it’s probably a good idea to do a little spring-cleaning of your wardrobe before you head out. Admit, you’ve needed a little retail therapy for a while now, and shopping for the game is a virtually guilt-free way to get your fix. So indulge and maybe try out one (or all) of these home-run ensembles to kick off the impending season of America’s favorite pastime. 

1. For everything sporty and sexy this season, you need look no further than the Victoria’s Secret PINK MLB Collection. Choosing the zip-up hoodie with the sequined baseball hat ensures that you’re just the right amount of comfortable and cute without trying overtly hard.

2. Pair it with a pair of your favorite basic leggings – or faux leather if you’re feeling particularly daring. You can find these at stores like H&M, Topshop or online at www.asos.com.

3. When it comes to game-day sunglasses, it’s all about trying to merge athleticism, style and practicality. You don’t want to spend the entirety of the game squinting into the sun, but you also don’t want to be embarrassingly invested with a pair of polarized Oakleys. Instead, opt for some lightly tinted aviators from Michael Kors, TOMS or Oliver Peoples.

4. Not sporting a pair of Converse to the stadium is like refusing to eat a hotdog during the game - it’s borderline un-American and simply not okay. For kicks that are a little edgier than your average All Stars, try spending some time excavating the hoards of altered sneakers on Etsy.com, much like these studded high tops. Or if you’re feeling particularly crafty, try adding hardware to your own shoes with just a hammer and some studs (check Ebay or your local craft stores).

1. A casual wardrobe for the average summer game may render a little difficult to pull off, but the trick is relying on the relaxed staples of your wardrobe. You can find basic tees at American Apparel or Forever 21, or opt for this branded baseball tee from Anthropologie.

2. The jeans are an essential part of baseball apparel, and can make or break your game-viewing experience. For a summer ensemble, try shorts that are a lighter wash and mid-length (anything longer, and you will fry; anything shorter is a little embarrassing). You can find these at J. Crew or Free People, or grab a cute high-waisted pair at Brandy Melville.

3. If you’re really trying to commit this season, I suggest you take a little time excavating shop.mlb.com to find some game-day staples. The first necessity is, of course, the baseball hat. The second and more fitted for intermediate-level attendees is a baseball glove – you can find these online or at your local Sports Authority.

4. For your casual summer game shoes, try for T-strap or gladiator sandals. Your Rainbows/Havaianas/Reefs are adorable, but just a touch too casual for a complete outfit here. Nordstrom Rack has some elegant options, as does Lauren Conrad’s shoe line at Kohl’s (I know, I was shocked too).

“Date Night”
1. The leather jacket is a wardrobe staple, regardless of whether it’s game season or not. So, if you haven’t already, invest in a good piece. This motorcycle jacket by Michael Kors will run you a little over 3k (Hey, a girl can dream, right?), but some more viable pieces might be found scouring the racks at Zara, Guess or Urban Outfitters. A faux leather option is totally acceptable (and probably necessary when you factor in budget) as long as it is well fitted and well made – blinding someone with obvious plastic pleather will win you no friends at the game.

2. You want your jeans to be dark washed and well structured. Opt for something skinny-legged, but not jeggings-worthy, like this tall toothpick jean from J. Crew.

3. When it comes to tops, try to choose something mild and feminine to offset the rigidity of the leather jacket. This collared blouse from Target is perfect, as are many other frilly frocks from H&M and Foreign Exchange.

4. Keep the accessories simple and tasteful – think stud earrings or a few subtle bangles.

5. We all know that a good date night outfit always comes down to good shoes, and finding a pair that works with a classy restaurant and climbing the stands is a tough challenge. Ankle boots with a slight heel keep things sophisticated while also providing some comfort and warmth for those cool spring nights.


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