Every year, a festival comes along bringing together people with the same love for music and arts. The three-day Coachella Music Festival takes place in a desert in Southern California. Not only are people there to celebrate and embrace talent, but many times to make a fashion statement as well.

Many of the styles spotted on attendees and celebrities become the season’s hottest trends. Most of the clothing is in resemblance to bohemian fashion, from denim shorts and breezy dresses to flowers in the hair.

In the hot desert climate during Coachella, you’ll need something light and comfortable to get you through the day. Here are some cute boho-style ideas that you should wear to Coachella this year!

High-Waisted Shorts
Spending three days in the desert, you cannot go wrong with nice shorts. For the Coachella indie/bohemian look, definitely get some high-waisted denim shorts. These shorts will look best if they’re worn-out with tears and holes (enough to look appropriate, of course), having a vintage vibe to it. These shorts can be any color: tie-dye colored, black or just a basic denim material. Places to find high-waisted shorts are stores such as Free People, Urban Outfitters or any vintage shop near you.

Crop Tops
Break away from the plain and boring T-shirts and camisoles at the festival. Crop tops match perfectly with your high-waisted shorts. There are many types of crop tops to choose from: baggy off-shoulder ones, tight body-hugging ones and regular tops that are cut short. This festival isn’t a time to cover up your body, but to embrace it. Plus, IT’S GOING TO BE VERY HOT! The baddy tops can be great because it will provide you with the best comfort. If you’d like to get the body-fitting ones, try some with the back open cuts and designs to show a little bit of skin.

Fringe Tops
A fringe top would add some flavor to basic, plain shorts. These tops can be regular length all the way to the stomach then fringe out on the bottom, or they can start fringing a little bit above the stomach. A bonus thing about fringe is that it takes a revealing outfit and covers it up to an extent, while still looking unique and cute!

Denim Jackets and Vests
You probably won’t need a jacket during Coachella, but bring one just in case. Pack one that will accommodate well with all of your outfit choices. You cannot do wrong with a light denim jacket. These, like the shorts, can be any color or style: blue or white, worn out or basic, colored or tie-dyed.

Also, bring one vest you can throw on and off easily. What I would suggest is a vest with more than one material. The vest shown in the photo has a combination of light material denim in the front and a lace design on the back. A vest like this can be worn with any type of shorts, regular length or high-waisted. Plus, this vest ties in the front, which looks great with a bikini top underneath to wear either at the festival or at the hotel pool.

Crochet Material
Crochet will be your best friend at Coachella. At least have one or two things in your wardrobe with crochet stitching: shirts, tanks, shorts, dresses, hats, bracelets, etc! What’s so good about crochet? Well, for starters it makes the give you the boho style. Second, it will keep you cool you down in the burning heat as the breeze flows through it. The crochet top shown here has been worm with jeans, shorts, maxi skirts bathing suits.

Breezy Summer Dresses
Coachella is not a time to wear your hottest party dress; instead, bring out your summer, breezy dresses! Wear a dress that is above the knee that doesn’t reveal too much cleavage. For the Coachella look, try to buy printed dresses with subtler, natural colors rather than bright, flashy colors, like the one shown here.
You can also take a light poncho to throw on over your shorts for when it gets a bit chilly at night! Your best pick for a poncho would be one that is lightly knitted and a neutral color to go with any outfit choice.

Bring lots and lots of jewelry! Flood your wrist and hands with bracelets and rings –not expensive diamonds and pearls, though. Wear beads, fabric-stitched bracelets, stone and rock rings, etc. You can also style your hair with flowers, headbands and beads.

Last but not least, in your suitcase you MUST have sunscreen – no exception! Come on, you’re going to a desert.