Green Hut Cafe: From Lunch Hotspot to Dinner Delight
The Asian Energy salad is a blend of green tea soba noodles, carrots, yellow beets and more.
(Credit: Nicki Spencer)

It’s lunch hour at the Green Hut Cafe on 7th Street in Downtown Los Angeles. Hoards of corporate businessmen and women from the nearby buildings of Ernst & Young and other corporations swarm this small eatery with nothing but fresh, tasty cuisine on their minds. For them, Green Hut Cafe is the ultimate lunch spot with its friendly and efficient staff, healthy foods and great location.

However, what most of them do not know is that Green Hut Cafe is also a great place to grab dinner with a friend, date or coworker since they added a full oyster bar (a natural aphrodisiac?) as well as beer and wine to their appetizing list of menu options. With these new additions, Green Hut Cafe is a great stop for any Los Angelino who lives near downtown.

Though the restaurant is small inside, it has a warm, inviting atmosphere with dim lights and simple interior designs. During the daytime, customers are meant to order their food at the register and then sit down. But at night, they adopt the traditional restaurant-style service with a waiter who brings you food. They also have a TV that plays the most popular game of the night, so fans can stay up to date while sipping beer and eating coconut shrimp.

Considering Green Hut Cafe's appreciation for healthy foods, it is no surprise that they offer a number of appealing salad options such as the Herb Teriyaki Chicken Salad that features grilled chicken teriyaki baby greens, julienne beets and carrots, and balsamic vinaigrette and their Very Berry Salad, which includes baby greens strawberries, blueberries, dried cranberries, grapes, apples, cucumbers, candied walnuts and crumbled blue cheese.

What is perhaps their most unique salad on the menu, however, is their appropriately titled Asian Energy Salad. Right when this plate hits the table, you will be pleasantly surprised by how the vibrant colors of the green tea soba noodles, carrots, yellow beets, mixed greens and cherry tomatoes create a hypnotizing rainbow of food like a culinary version of a Monet painting. But it’s not just this salad’s looks that make it so appetizing – the tangy flavors of the dressing combined with vegetables’ freshness provide a clean dish that has a sweet and citrus kick (hence “Asian Energy”).

Other than salads, Green Hut Cafe has many other appealing options, including burritos, sandwiches, spinach tortilla wraps, vegan options, sausages and soups. For a truly empty stomach, the braised short rib sandwich is a must. With its flavorful wine braised ribs, caramelized onions, Swiss cheese and baby arugula, it will keep both your taste buds and your stomach satisfied.

Additionally, their wraps are a healthy and tasty dish to eat as well, especially for a quick and satisfying lunch. As for the sausages, they offer two appealing options: Smoked Chicken Apple and Spicy Italian.

There are so many great options on the menu, but if you could only order one thing, it would have to be the Brie & Pear sandwich. This sandwich combines melted Brie cheese, fresh pears, candied walnuts and pesto sauce to create a harmony of sweet and savory. The Brie’s creamy richness paired with the light, crisp pears balance the textures and flavors, and the pesto adds an unexpected addition.

Overall, the Green Hut Cafe is adding to their reputation as a reliable lunch stop by making their dinnertime experience more inviting. It’s also good to note that customers can order fresh food online and have it delivered to their house as long as they live within a 3-mile radius of the restaurant. So whether you eat at Green Hut Cafe cuisine during the busy lunch hour, for an intimate dinnertime meal or for an easily delivered meal, you will be satisfied.

Green Hut Cafe is located in Downtown L.A. at 808 W. 7th Street, 90017. For more information, visit or call 213.627.8166.