Students across the country will get to experience the Samsung Galaxy Studio, a pop-up store where students can learn about the latest Samsung products on the market, including the Samsung Galaxy S4 – a hot new phone that is expected to hit stores soon.

On top of viewing Samsung’s products, students who visit the Samsung Galaxy Studio will have the chance to win prizes and receive up to $20,000 in donations from Samsung on behalf of their student organization.

The Samsung Galaxy Studio will also give students the opportunity to participate in some very cool, fun activities!

If you’re an artistic person, you might enjoy the t-shirt station where students use the S Pen on the Galaxy Note II or Galaxy Note 10.1 to design custom shirts. Or, check out the postcard station. Here, you can create and print personalized photos at the Galaxy Studio. By using the Galaxy S4’s new camera feature called “Dual Camera,” you create the postcard by using the rear and front cameras simultaneously to capture images. You’ll get a print-out of your creation and/or you can share it on your personal network.

Also, check out the TecTile Wall. By using Samsung TecTiles, you can slap your Galaxy device on the wall to instantly set your alarm, check the weather, find nearby restaurants and more.

For those who are into music, Samsung will let you be a Galaxy Guest DJ! You can play songs off of Music Hub and stream them to a Samsung Audio Dock. If you have a Galaxy, you will also receive free (yes, free) music downloads through S Beam from Brand Ambassadors’ devices.

Samsung Mobile is promising a fun-filled, interactive day for students everywhere!

To find out when the Samsung Galaxy Studio will be popping up at your campus, see below:

April 15 – 18: University of California, San Diego; Texas Tech; University of Massachusetts – Amherst
April 16 – 19: University of Oregon; University of Pennsylvania
April 22 – 25: Texas A&M University; Arizona State University; University of Miami; University of Southern California
April 29 – May 2: University of California, Los Angeles; University of Kansas; University of California, Berkeley
April 30 – May 3: Rutgers University