This emo/pop band is closing in on their 20th year in business, so it’s no wonder that many of these new songs feature lyrics that are very reflective in nature.

“Appreciation” is about how people tend to take all the positive things in life for granted and even quickly forget them as another day arrives. “Damage” references “all the wasted time,” and “Book of Love” tosses around the phrase “back when we were kids.” The mood may be melancholy, but Jimmy Eat World has never been a band to get sappy.

With “Lean,” they have one of their best songs ever; a harmony laden mid-tempo rocker with a chorus of “I can’t lean on you at all” that begs to be sung along to. “Byebyelove” features bright melodies in portions of the song, but it also has a bit of a grunge feeling to it, especially in the guitar intro (that’s no surprise really since grunge was huge when J.E.W. were first getting started). The song is one of the strongest on the album, and there’s no filler here; longtime fans will be very satisfied with Damage, and newbies have an excellent place to start too.
Grade: B