In every woman’s closet, there should be a go-to little black dress (LBD). This dress should be simple, form fitting and the savior of all outfit disasters. However, how many times can you wear that dress until you are called an outfit repeater? The answer isn’t how many times you wear it, but how many ways you wear the dress.

The great thing about a little black dress is that you can dress it up and dress it down regularly. What you wear to the office can easily be worn that same night to the club. The key to these changes combines layering, colored jackets and accessories. Here are five ways you can wear your LBD!

You can wear your LBD to work or to an interview. However, you definitely need to wear it with a form-fitting blazer. This can be a short blazer or a longer one. If the time and place calls for it, you can wear a colored blazer or just stick with a simple neutral color like black or navy. You will need to cover up your legs with pantyhose or stockings to appear more professional. For shoes, you can never go wrong with a simple pair of flats, preferably black or gray. However, appropriate pumps and wedges give this professional look a bit of an edgy vibe.

Wear your LBD the next time you go out on the town! This outfit can be worn to dinner, a club or a party. All you need is a bright leather jacket in a standout color. My favorite: red. You need to be confident to wear this color because all eyes are going to be on you. You can find colored leather jackets like these at stores such as Bebe, BCBG and Guess. The best shoes to wear with this outfit are basic black pumps. Feel free to wear different heels, however, do not let the heels distract attention away from the jacket and dress. To add a bit more edge to the look, accessorize with a short thick necklace and two other jewelry pieces of your choice.

You’ve dressed it up, now it’s time to take off the heels and dress it down. This casual LBD look can be worn to school, lunch or while shopping with your gals! First, pair it with a light cardigan like this floral ivory one with pink flowers. The floral and lighter colors ease the tone of the black dress, making it appear more casual. Next, wear a scarf that is light in both texture and color. Some colors you can go for are: light pink, lilac, baby blue and yellow. All of these will pop out against the black dress. Along with the scarf, accessorize with a headband to pull your hair back for a nice, natural hairdo. For shoes, pair your LBD with sparkly ballerina flats. With this look, you can carry your everyday, casual bag such as a cloth Louis Vuitton bag or something similar.

You can make your LBD retro with this look. Layer a sheer black, polka dot shirt over your dress. The shirt’s color and sheerness blend in with your LBD, making it look like one full dress. You can stop there or add a thick black belt to highlight your curves. Take this look to the next level by adding a floppy sun hat. Since this outfit is mainly black, your bag should be a popping highlighter color, like a lime green Steve Madden purse. This look shouldn’t be too casual or too dressed up. Therefore, wear knee-high leather boots.

Last but not least, you can give your LBD some edge by pairing it with a rugged jacket. This jacket can be camouflage, studded or both. The jacket in the photo is camouflage on the body and leather on the arms, with stud detailing on the shoulders. The best shoes for this outfit are ankle black booties (Steve Madden) and knee-high black socks. Combined, these items give this outfit a “rocker” vibe – no one would want to mess with you when you have this on!

It’s amazing how a simple little black dress can turn into a good investment. You have a minimum of fives ways to wear this dress, but don’t be afraid to mix and match to create your own styles. Make the most out of your LBD by constantly reinventing it!