One of the biggest nights in entertainment will take place on Monday, May 20 when “The Show” makes its way to the King King in Hollywood.

Sascha Escandon and Carolina Cerisola of Floor Productions created the show, and they’re also directing the four-night residency. It features 30 total performers showcasing15 genres alongside eight musicians on stage. Unarguably, it’s a one-in-a-lifetime experience.

“The Show” runs May 20-23. Admission is for people who are 21 or older. Tickets start at $20.  

“The Show” includes a live orchestra, a Capella, ballet, samba, capoeira, violin soloist and operatic singing, among other vibrant, yet uplifting moments. To many, this could be the best talent around in their respective fields of entertainment.

Escandon and Cerisola carry professional dancing backgrounds. In their time as performers, they’ve met numerous amounts of talent, not just locally, but worldwide. 

“We’ve met different people from all circles,” said Escandon. “They’re all separated in L.A., and we wanted to bring them together. So, that’s what inspired us to do “‘The Show.’”

But “The Show” received considerable inspiration from the Floor Productions’ “The Floor Improv Night,” which played at King King as well. It also featured dancers and musicians for an undeniably unique experience.

Not surprisingly, “The Show” sports raw energy, improvisation, and genuine talent. They’re being placed together under one roof to vividly satisfy attending audiences. For Escandon and Cerisola, it’s like a dream come true for them to be organizing the much-awaited piece, “The Show.”

“In L.A., it’s very hard to get all these people together,” said Cerisola, who also mentioned that the concept began when Escandon and her lived together. At that point, many musicians and performers would spend time jamming and performing in their living room.

“The living room just got too small,” added Cerisola while laughing. “It’s been an incredible experience. And, in a way, it’s now our little baby.”

Immersive, dynamic, and raw are words that can be utilized to classify the description of the show. But Escandon also says that eclectic is one of them.

“It’s very unique because there are not many shows that I know of that do this,” said Escandon. “The people that are in ‘The show’ do what they do best. We don’t try to ask him to do something that is not them…So ‘The Show’ is really a place where they can express themselves and represent what they do in their own way.”

But why should the public go see this particular show?

“People will never experience anything like this…It will be a great experience for the audience to come check it out,” said Cerisola.

Escandon offers additional insight.

“You will not see these many genres all performed by a full band of live music by top notch performers and musicians in a such a small, intimate setting in one place,” she said. “You will not see this ever. Not of this caliber. Not this full cast…It’s interactive and immersive. You will never see a show like this where you kind of get to be part of the show.” 

"The Show" opens Monday, May 20 and runs through May 23 at King King in Hollywood.