It’s true: rock ‘n’ roll can cure what ails you, especially when taken in proper dosage like 3 Pill Morning’s Black Tie Love Affair. The album is a powerful restorative containing big guitar riffage, radio-ready melodies and literate lyrics that sometimes bite a little bit. 

The band is rarely off the road; the 3 Pill Morning medicine wagon is constantly in motion, doling out musical elixir to fans that can’t wait to gulp down winning concoctions like “I Want That for You.” Like any patient though, we have questions about our 3 Pill Morning prescription, and vocalist Jeff Stebbins is happy to answer them.

Campus Circle: You have a little time off before your tour with Hollywood Undead gets started. How are you spending the down time?

Jeff Stebbins: Any time we get a few days off, we still keep pretty busy. A typical day off involves hitting the gym, visiting friends and family, and making sure to get some laundry done, which is very important! Then there’s time for relaxing a bit and getting caught up on TV and movies. We all love doing all kinds of different stuff so fortunately, we never seem to be bored.

CC: 3 Pill Morning’s hometown is Minneapolis. Do you ever have any thoughts about relocating?

JS: When the snow flies, you always think about getting out of Minnesota. We’ve got a lot of friends in Nashville and L.A. so those places always seem welcoming in the winter. But we’re happy to be from Minnesota.

CC: Other than the shows, what is your favorite part of life on the road? Do you have a favorite city to play in?

JS: Every day presents new challenges and an opportunity to meet so many new people. The things we see while we’re driving and in every town make for some great stories and experiences. Right now, we’ve got to give the nod to Chicago as favorite city; we’ve got some crazy fans and friends down there so we always look forward to that trip.

CC: 3 Pill Morning started out as an angst-filled rap core band. How did you arrive at your current sound?

JS: You start out just learning your instrument and maybe focusing on the things you’re good at. I’d always been into hip-hop and rapping so that was the logical starting point. As a singer, I wanted to continue to improve my vocals and find more melodic ways to tell the stories we were trying to tell. We just started writing music around that progression, and eventually it evolved into what we are today.

CC: So the lyrics aren’t as angry anymore, but there are still some pretty good barbs to be found in tunes like “Loser.” What inspired that song?

JS: As I’ve grown up, I don’t tend to get as angry about things, but I am certainly more cynical in watching people and the world around me. The word “loser” can be used in so many ways. But for me, the song was directed at the people that let life pass them by and live off those that aspire to do great things and really never contribute a damn thing to society. That’s a loser. Life is so short; I hate it when people don’t try to make it as incredible as possible.

CC: Black Tie Love Affair seems to be loaded with singles. Do you have a favorite?

JS: Our current single “I Want That for You” is definitely one of my favorite tracks on the album. We just tried to push everything lyrically, vocally and musically, and capture a certain type of energy in the song. It hits home for so many people in that in some relationships, you hit that crossroads where you’re heading down different paths…while you still care about that person, their demands of your time and attention are never going to be what they deserve or what you can give them.

CC: Describe the circumstances that led to your most recent “three pill morning.”

JS: Ha! Well we hadn’t seen our friends in Framing Hanley in a while and whiskey happened to show up. The show was awesome, and that called for a celebration. The next morning, however, did not agree. It happens. 

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