Untitled Document The annual nine-month sacrifice thousands of South Pole emperor penguins endure for the sake of continuing their lineage is the kind of process few humans could physically or mentally endure – unless, of course, you can survive for months without a bite of food while sitting on an egg smack in the thick of the planet’s harshest climate. If you can do that, maybe the occasionally funny, occasionally heartbreaking and persistently amazing story behind March of the Penguins won’t impress you.

Give it a watch anyway: The photography is stunningly immersive and very personal. If the filmmakers didn’t turn up during the closing credits, you might forget they were ever there in the first place. Morgan Freeman narrates.

Extras: Hour-long behind-the-scenes documentary, 23-minute National Geographic "Crittercam" segment, classic Bugs Bunny cartoon (featuring a penguin, of course). DVD Grade: A