Ah, Victorian London at Christmas time. The evil talking snowmen, lesbian lizard creatures from the dawn of time and time traveling superhero twits—you can almost smell the jolly spirit now. Wait...what? Truthfully, this sounds more like the untruthful worlds of the “Twilight Zone” or maybe an M. Night Shyamalan flick. However actually, it’s the wacky world of the BBC’s “Doctor Who” and the show’s Christmas special, The Snowmen, is now available on DVD.

Dr. Who, played by Matt Smith, is a British superhero that stands out like Big Ben on a clear day in London. Amidst James Bond and Sherlock Holmes, the Doctor shares some similarities with his fellow fictional Brits but bears his own distinctive style as well. Instead of flexing his muscles, like Bond, Dr. Who flexes his brain—making him more like Holmes. However, unlike Holmes, the Doctor deals with bizarre paranormal foes, like the evil, carnivorous snowmen of the Christmas special.

In this installment to the “Dr. Who” saga, the Doctor must not only defeat the diabolical frost fiends, created by a lonely mad scientist, but he faces his own inner demons as well. The cunning voyager of time has lost faith in humanity and thus has chosen to abandon his dedication to the preservation of good. The only thing capable of restoring Dr. Who’s devotion to saving humanity from wickedness is love.

Now, this clichéd dynamic of the infinite power of love may sound dull and spoiled, but Jenna-Louise Coleman (aka Clara - aka The Impossible Girl) surpasses that monotony. Coleman steals the show—with her good looks and giddy schoolgirl crush, she convinces the Doctor to continue caring about humanity and the viewer to keep watching.

While the CGI on the evil snowmen might not be Michael Bay quality, the frozen monsters are likely to freeze viewers in their seats until the bitter end. And directly before those icy credits roll, the audience will thaw with warm salivation due to the cliffhanger hints of the Doctor’s next mind-bending adventure.

Grade: B