Untitled Document There are albums you can listen to once and love. And then there are albums you have to listen to a few times – like Inventure – to get the essence of their creative energy. The album ranges from something you’d listen to in a hard-rockin dive bar ("Control Freak") to something you’d play to impress your girlfriend, ("The Queen"). These Jersey boys have done their research on the synthesized ’80s and the distorted guitar ’90s. Every track has a variation of musical influence, including the aforementioned with a touch of ska on "Caution" and the basic top 40 tune on "Somehow Saturn."

The album’s only real downfall is the drawn-out "99 cent dreams," which falls around once cent short for jukebox play. You do have to give the guys a nod, however, for adding a background violin to the guitar – again adding a different sound variation to the album.

This CD is hard enough for manly-men and soft enough for chicks to dig, making it a well-rounded album for most to enjoy.

Grade: B