Untitled Document Besides invoking the memory of history class and a sense of reverence for their namesake, Spokane’s Coretta Scott doesn’t have much else to offer. In a market oversaturated with bands whose music is indistinguishable from one another, these guys seem to find some relevance in what they do. Come on, even Blink 182 called it quits!

If a label must be given to Coretta Scott’s debut album, Scream and Shout, it’s probably emo pop-core. But pop implies hooks and Scott’s songs are severely lacking in that department. The quintet knows how to lay it down thick. But when choruses appear, they are lackluster and forgettable with the exception of "Selfish Animal," which is probably the most memorable number on the disc.

"Fashionably Depressed" is singer, Seth Woodward’s castigation of self-saddened suburban royalty; as he put it, a raised eyebrow to the contest of who is more damaged. Relevant, and one of the better tracks.

Everything else is pretty unsatisfying; in fact the highlight of the whole effort is drummer, Mike McClung’s heavy-handed approach, which creates a thick backbeat and spine for the whole album. Grade: C