PJ Harvey is best known for delivering raw, passionate music with enough sass to keep you on your toes. Coming off rave reviews of 2000’s Songs From The City, Stories From The Sea, the bar was set high for another emotional masterpiece. In Uh Huh Her, Harvey takes a bare approach with an intimate, minimal production. While Uh Huh Her is a departure from the polished Stories, it is still very recognizably Harvey, reminiscent of her Is This Desire? acoustic days.

Harvey’s emotional diversity remains the same, capturing the passion from a lover that is not healthy yet still longed for in "Life and Death of Mr. Badmouth," to the blissful yet vulnerable feeling when one has found love and can’t bear to part with it in "Slow Drug." Though Uh Huh Her will likely not be as greatly regarded as Stories, those who are familiar with PJ Harvey are sure to be satisfied.

Uh Huh Her is currently available.