In wake of the Sandy Hook shooting last December outraged citizens spoke up about the lack of gun control in our country. However, NRA’s response wasn’t quite what they were expecting. Instead of agreeing, the NRA took a different approach, suggesting we start arming our teachers.

What many perceived as a ludicrous statement has now become a reality, as this summer Ohio’s Buckeye Firearms Foundation plans to start training teachers to carry guns in school. The inaugural class of weapon-wielding teachers will only have room for 24 educators and is only open to those who already have concealed carrying permits. The program has received more than 900 applicants with teachers from California, Texas and Florida, showing great interest.   

Immediately, concern began to arise from every angle as parents argued with public officials that the goal was to eliminate guns from schools completely, not turn our education system into a prison. Whether these teachers make our schools safer or not, a few questions still remain in my mind: For starters I’m still having trouble fathoming how that initial NRA meeting went down. Upon hearing the statement “Let’s arm the teachers,” I’d assume somebody would've stood up and chewed the guy out for such an idiotic idea. But as we all know, that’s not what happened.

Secondly, how can we be so sure that teachers will be willing and able to use their gun in a time of crisis?  There is a big difference between having the confidence to unload at practice target verses a shooter trying to take out a classroom full of children. Worst case scenario: what if a student gets hit in friendly fire? Now that’s a mess no one will want to deal with.

And I’m still wondering about the power-hungry teacher who's having a bad day and decides to whip his glock out upon every wrong answer. Although that last scenario is a lot less likely, in today’s world anything is possible. 

In reality, no one actually knows how this program is going to pan out. Maybe lives will be saved and we’ll all be praising this program, or maybe it turns completely south on us. I’m hoping we’ll never have to learn the answer.

School shootings take inhumane acts to a whole other level. Something needs to be done in our country to eliminate them all together - I just don’t know if arming the teachers is the way to go about it. 

For more information on the Ohio program training teachers to carry guns, click here and here.

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