Cocktail R-Evolution: Little Kid Fun for Adults

The benefits of growing up and leaving behind the shackles of childhood are unquestionable—like no longer completely relying on your parents for survival or being able to eat junk food at all hours.

However, no matter how independent and sophisticated we may become, a poignant longing for the days of blissful childhood lingers. Memories from the days of childish fascination with science experiments, like baking soda volcanoes and planetary models out of Styrofoam, leave a hole of adult emptiness within. How can we, as adults, appropriately conduct such lighthearted experiments? With cocktails, that’s how.

In an age of gastro pubs and elaborate mixed drinks, boozing has become much more interesting. Plain old liquor and juice is no longer acceptable. With Molécule-R’s Cocktail R-Evolution kit, you can combine infantile science experiments with adult drinking. It’s the best of both worlds—childish wonder with a very mature buzz.

The Cocktail R-Evolution kit provides the liquor chemist with supplies to make 30 different monstrous concoctions. From a gelatinous gin n’ tonic, to a tequila shot topped with lime-infused foam, to an electric green cocktail dubbed “The Grinch”—the kit offers bountiful inebriated awe. A classy cocktail party will soon turn into a sleepover and screening of "The Magic School Bus" sci-fi episode when they shrink the bus and venture inside Ralphie’s stomach. Ah, it feels good to be a kid again…and tipsy off of these mind-bending potions.

It’s moments like these that can summon childhood fantasy in a safe, adult setting. Just remember, if you start drawing on the walls or running around with your underwear on your head, you have probably resurfaced a little too much of your inner child (a.k.a. had one too many drinks).