In recent years, an increasing amount of user-generated content has been found online, and YouTube has become a platform for this limitless artistic expression. Whether you're into fashion, food or travel, YouTube is an accessible outlet to display your thoughts, experiences and life to audiences all around the world. With such convenience, it's no surprise millions of people are logging on to feast their eyes on the latest fashion and beauty trends.

Many beauty lovers are eager to show the world what they have to offer. However, with the myriad channels that seem to pervade every site sidebar, it can be quite intimidating to start your own channel – there is so much competition already!

Charis Lincoln (aka Charisma Star TV), a YouTube beauty guru who is known for her uplifting personality and thematic makeup techniques with close to 200,000 subscribers, shared her tips with Campus Circle.

“Just go for it! If you have the desire, don’t let anything hold you back,” Lincoln exclaimed. “It doesn’t matter if you have the greatest camera. If you want to do it, you can do it. If you have a passion for it, you do it, and then you will watch things happen.”

Like many students, Lincoln did not have many resources, but she proves that is no reason to deter you from taking the technological plunge and dive into the vibrant world of YouTube.

“I didn’t have any money when I started out, but this is something that I wanted to do,” she said. “I wanted to help and inspire young people, make girls feel confident and beautiful. So, I just grabbed what’s around me. Use what you have, and you will make it happen!

Lincoln added: “I went to the thrift store to make my set, and I used drugstore makeup…work with what you have...”

Passion is a strong enough reason for Lincoln to get started on YouTube, but there is an even more meaningful story behind how this stunning San Jose native became a video blogger.

“I was doing missionary work in Alaska, and I would throw LAN [local area network] parties for the girls in the villages, teaching them about inner beauty and outward beauty,” she said. “One of the girls suggested [that I] start a YouTube channel, because when we [left] the villages, they would have Internet there. I love production and theatrics, so with my videos, I incorporated the filmography and the production…As a result, these videos are more like I could take them on a journey with me. I do more theatrical type of looks and get into character for them.”

Lincoln’s most inspiring and moving video has to be “Our Love Story!” (watch above). In this video, she bares her soul as she reveals her life story. It is hard to believe this cheery, outgoing, encouraging woman was once the chubby, awkward girl everyone picked on in school. Her difficult childhood has made her even more determined to be an inspiration to young girls.

She explained, “I want to inspire those girls to be confident in what they are doing, and they can rock any styles they want.”

“In Alaska, I did a lot of suicide prevention assemblies," she added. "I do public speaking and stuff like that. If you want to encourage someone, you can do it. No matter what your story is and how you think about yourself, there’s always hope out there…”

Even though Lincoln did not become famous overnight like some other “YouTubers” did, she never gave up on her dreams and passion for makeup. Her big break came when she participated in the NYX Face Awards.

“During the NYX Face Awards, Michelle Phan [a Vietnamese-American make-up instructor who is popular on Youtube] contacted me and told me she really wanted to work with me,” she said. “I ended up winning the competition for the NYX Face Award, and the award opens up doors for me. And you know what? I didn’t even have that many subscribers when I went into it. ”

On top of being a beauty guru, Lincoln is also a stylist for Ispy, a company that offers a monthly Glam Bag service for only $10 per month.

“Girls can also go on the Ispy website and create their homepage; it’s kind of like a Facebook of beauty,” she said. “They can upload their fashion videos and create their looks.”

She continued, “I was subscribed to them before I was even an Ispy stylist, because I am a girl on budget, and I can’t afford all the stuff out there. For only $10, I get to enjoy four to five samples of beauty products. To me, it’s worth it. Some of the products in the bag itself are already like $12.”

Lincoln’s story illustrates that as long as you can offer a fresh perspective on an impassioned pursuit, you will be heard and seen - you may even change lives. Why wait to share your talent and passion to the world?

The scope of YouTube is practically limitless. As Lincoln always says in her videos, “we are all beautiful shining stars.”

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