We Tried Out Google Glass!

Campus Circle publishers Sean Bello and Joy Calisoff tested Google Glass at Dwell on Design this past weekend at the Los Angeles Convention Center.

Sean's take: "Google Glass is an unique device that does take some getting used to, but once you get the voice commands down and the touch commands worked out, it could be a popular gadget for the tech savvy connoisseur. However, I did experience eye muscle strain having to look up with my right eye to read the monitor, and that was uncomfortable. I was left wondering, 'Would this eye strain eventually lead to some long-term problem by using Google Glass regularly? Or, like any muscle, if you keep working it, will it eventually get used to the movement and have no long-term effect? And also, will consumers drop $300 to $500 (estimated cost when the Google Glass comes out towards the end of the year) on a device that they will have to spend time to getting used to?' For example, if my thumb was hurting after using the iPhone, would I have stuck with it?  My answer would be 'yes.' But with Google Glass, I'm not so sure."