Just like you don’t want to wear clothing that’s out of season, you definitely don’t want to wear polish that’s out of style. Here are some of the top nail colors for summer 2013. All of the nail polishes are from OPI; however, other brands such as Essie, Sally Hansen and China Glaze have similar options as well.

This summer, you may have events, outings, work or an internship that requires keeping your nails a bit subtle. “Coney Island Cotton Candy” would be your best pick for those days and nights. This color is a soft light pink and works with any personality, whether you’re a girly girl or tomboy.

Another great light pink polish that looks adorable and girly with those cute summer dresses is  “I Theodora You.” This polish is from OPI’s princess collection and goes perfectly with gold and rose gold rings and bracelets.

Lastly, a pink that’s a bit darker is “Suzi’s Hungary AGAIN!” – it’s more of a hot pink compared to the other two. This pink is fun and flirtatious for a night out with your friends or days out by the pool. This pink is just the right shade; it’s not too dark to be on the violet side, and it’s not too light to be considered coral.

You cannot go through summer without white nails painted at least once. White is the perfect go-to color for the summer, and it looks great with a tan. There are many shades of white you can choose from, including bright white, off-white and cream white. The OPI color “Funny Bunny” is one of the best white nail polishes. It’s a bright white that looks clean and fresh.

Although you need some neutral polish tones, the majority of your summer nails polish bottles should contain bright colors. “Gargantuan Green Grape” is a great choice for your nails. Green is one of the main colors to sport in your wardrobe this summer, so having matching nails is the perfect complement to your outfit.

Sparkly Blue:
One hot trend last summer that will definitely come back this summer is the sparkle. “Tiffany Case” is from OPI’s James Bond collection. This polish is a nice shade of blue similar to the color of the sky. It has a little bit of sparkle that enhances the overall color. This is a fun and risky shade to sport and is worth a try.

Last but not least, you need majestic purple polish like “You're Such a BudaPest” by OPI. Similar to “Tiffany Case,” this color is not that dark and not too light – it never appears washed out. A bonus: This color looks great on any skin tone, whether you’re tanned or fair-skinned.

*Nail Trend Radar:
Lately, many women have been adopting the “Vampire Nails” trends. Instead of your nails having that common round and square shape, these nails have a pointy tip that look very dramatic. This trend has been seen on celebrities such as Lady Gaga and Khloe Kardashian. While many are hesitant to try this trend out (me being one of them), it does look sexy and dominating on some girls.

All of the colors mentioned above are going to be your favorite nail colors this summer. They will provide you a plethora of looks and creative designs. Remember, it’s summer, so have fun with your nails - you can always go back to the basic colors in the fall!