Metta World Peace (formerly known as Ron Artest) is situated to leave the Los Angeles Lakers. Laker officials are scheduled to utilize their amnesty provision to let World Peace go come Wednesday.

As for MWP’s career as a Laker, what can be said about it, or better yet, what can’t be said? He’s been everything from the in-the-clutch three-pointer shooter to the on-court brawler. And who can forget the proverbial "I'm too sexy for my cat" moment?

With Dwight Howard gone and World Peace about to depart, the Lakers must regroup to restore their NBA dominance. Kobe Bryant can’t carry the team entirely alone—well, sometimes he can, but not all the time. Fans waiting to see another set of championship rings glistening on the fingers of L.A.’s basketball royalty may not want to hold their breath. 

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