I think that we all can agree that while useful, some travel guides are just plain boring. However, this is not the case for the Naughty Girl’s Guide to Los Angeles.

In this guide, sex coach Sienna Sinclaire wants to show you the City of Angel’s most devilish parts. She blends travel information with beautiful photos and historical tidbits to create a travel guide that every girl will want to pick up before heading to L.A. The guide has won both IPPY and Indie Book Awards and is sure to add a sexy twist to your travels.

A certified relationship and career coach, as well as a former adult entertainer, Sinclaire is more than qualified to be your tour guide through L.A.’s naughty side. She speaks to the audience, making readers feel comfortable and trusting of her knowledge of L.A.’s sexy parts. 

The Naughty Girl’s Guide serves two main purposes. First, it gives readers a history of sex and scandal in Los Angeles, from movies and shows to books and starlets. Second, it serves as a travel guide for all of Los Angeles’ sexiest secrets. 

Sinclaire focuses on three demographics for her travel guide: single ladies, couples and girlfriends. For single girls taking on the city solo, Sinclaire makes sure to find the safest spots in L.A. to embrace your inner naughty girl, including downtown bars to get your flirt on, as well as the best beaches to work on your summer glow. 

For couples, she provides resources to help you and your lover find sexy activities such as the most exclusive restaurants and the top hotels for a steamy getaway. Sinclaire also gives you advice to help spice up your relationship. 

And lastly, for girlfriends looking for the most scandalous ways to enjoy a girl’s night out, Sinclaire discloses the best shopping centers, nightclubs and adult stores to run wild in. 

If you’re worried that you might not be “naughty” enough to find use for a guide like this, don’t be. When I first picked up the Naughty Girl’s Guide, I didn’t think there would be anything practical in it for me - I don’t consider myself as “naughty” as Sinclaire.

However, the best part about the Naughty Girl’s Guide is Sinclaire's understanding that every girl has a different comfort level regarding embracing her “naughty girl,” and to accommodate all girls, she provides activities for every level of comfort. 

For example, Sinclaire recommends things such as going to a taping of “Chelsea Lately” or having dinner and a show at the medieval times. For more advanced naughty girls, she shows you the best strip clubs and sex toy stores. She even has a section dedicated to women trying to get into the adult industry business. 

Sinclaire really has covered all of the bases in her book, and there is definitely something for everyone in the Naughty Girl’s Guide. I, for one, plan on checking out some of the dance classes and themed dinners. 

But no matter what you’re looking for, you’re sure to have a naughty adventure using this guide.