Have you ever wondered how celebrities handle all the paparazzi? Cameras constantly flashing in your face as reporters bombard you with question after question, trying to get you to slip up and make their careers. Well, it appears Los Angeles Clipper Lamar Odom has finally hit the boiling point, and there is no going back now.

This past Wednesday, Odom took things to the extreme after being harassed by a paparazzo over questions regarding a relationship with an exotic dancer and cheating on his wife Khloe Kardashian. In front of a crowd of witnesses and a few cameramen, Odom dug into the paparazzo’s car and threw every piece of equipment he could find out onto the street. He even started hitting the man’s car, using what is believed to be a camera stabilizer. Odom then proceeded to take the equipment and place it in the back of his Mercedes.

At the moment, no charges have been filed against Odom, but LAPD is investigating the incident as a possible felony grand theft and battery charge. Odom has yet to release any statements regarding the encounter, but he made this comment concerning the adultery allegations: “I would never cheat on my wife. That’s why I wear my wedding ring.”

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