Shortly after joining the New York Knicks last July, Jason Kidd made one of the biggest surprise moves of the summer: he smashed his Cadillac SUV into a telephone pole. Sadly, Kidd’s actions were soon followed by a drunk driving citation.

Now, a year later and still in the NY spotlight (this time as the coach of the Brooklyn Nets), Kidd pleaded guilty to his misdemeanor DWI. Currently, his punishment includes an interim probation and a speaking series with Long Island high school students about the dangers of drunk driving. The Nets are currently not taking disciplinary measures of their own.

Even though I respect Kidd, I think his sentence is a load of bull. His character as a basketball player has showed better judgment; however, the seriousness of his offense must warrant harsher actions.

Sending this man to speak about drunk driving to impressionable teens doesn't make sense - Kidd's story of drunk driving ends with him becoming the coach of the Brooklyn Nets. In my opinion, this will not send a positive message to high school students.

The general public is very much aware of the dangers of driving under the influence. But when we send people like Kidd into society as a spokesman, his words (and the words of other DUI/DWI offenders) lose meaning.

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