Kodaline, a soft-spoken and broken-hearted quartet all the way from Ireland, came out with its Love Like This EP on July 16, and the band is set to release its debut album in the U.S. in October.

With hit single “All I Want,” Kodaline is definitely on its way to curing some lovers' hearts. Lead singer Steve Garrigan sings, “Break ups make it really easy to write,” and that is exactly what the EP explores - a sort of longing for affection and the ability to cope with love. 

"What It Is" could be easily confused with a Coldplay song, but Kodaline gives its twist to it by combining a U2 and folk-type sound, bringing back a romantic nostalgia into their fans' hearts and minds.

Other songs on the EP such as “Love Like This” and “Midnight” have the soft, delicate vocals, and lingering acoustic guitar and melodic harmonies that make your heart melt.

After you listen to Kodaline's entire EP, you'll find that most of the quartet's songs can easily make you think back to a past love, a current crush, or you may find yourself falling in love with Kodaline.

If your heart falls deep, wait until October to check out the debut album, In a Perfect World.

Grade: A-

Kodaline's Love Like This is now available.