Although Brian Banks is not an NFL legend, his trials to make the league may very well make him one.

Almost a decade ago, Banks was one of the nation’s top high school football recruits. Planning to take his talents to USC and beyond, one would have said the sky’s the limit for the young linebacker. What happened next is something no one could have ever expected: his life was turned upside down when a woman falsely accused the star linebacker of rape. 

It took 10 years for the truth to finally come out, but in that time Banks served five years in jail and another five on probation. Finally in May 2012 when the truth was revealed, Banks was able to begin on a new journey: making the NFL.

After tryouts with various teams went south in 2012, Banks found himself a spot with Las Vegas of United Football League. Now in 2013, Banks has made it onto the Atlanta Falcons 90-man roster and has recorded his first official NFL tackle in the Falcon’s preseason opener against the Bengals.

Making the final cut might be a long shot for Banks, but the linebacker couldn’t be happier to be out there - even if it’s just for a few snaps. 

Banks had many things to say regarding his first downs on an NFL field, but one line really describes the moment: "It's better than any roller-coaster ride you can ever get on."

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