We’re knee-deep in the sultry slew of summer months and that can mean only one thing—action-packed thrillers! I’m talking explosions, hand-to-hand combat, and more testosterone than a Chuck Norris and Rambo love child (except that would never happen because those two macho guys are straighter than John Wayne voting for Reagan while riding a bald eagle). But I digress; one such movie providing that summer fix for action is Olympus Has Fallen.

Set in an America not unlike ours today, director Antoine Fuqua drags viewers through an enthralling set of contemporary homeland security fears. Along with bringing our nation’s worst worries to a fictional, silver-screen reality, Fuqua incorporates a humanistic portrayal to the most profoundly stoic American—the President.

The President, played by Aaron Eckhart, is put through the ringer. Months after losing his wife in a catastrophic car accident, the President is duped and captured by North Korean terrorists. It’s up to Mike Banning (Gerard Butler), an ex-CIA operative who was reassigned to a desk job after the first lady tragedy, to return to his expert combat skills and rescue the nation.

Nearly the entire movie is devoted to Butler’s patriotic character and his storming of the captured Olympus (code name for the White House). Before the fall of the nation’s bastion of democratic freedom, the foreign invaders run through a whole mess of tactics that would invigorate any terrorist's dream. The most memorable being a warmongering plane that relentlessly bombards and destroys anything in sight—including the symbolic National Monument. In the foreground flaps a bullet scathed American flag and behind it, the iconic spire of concrete crumbles helplessly.

Butler’s character won’t stand for such injustices. He takes it upon himself, his shiny American handgun, and his undying faith in democracy to bring the liberty-haters to their doom. Each obstacle Butler faces in his way of achieving justice will scoot you closer and closer to the edge of your seat, making Olympus Has Fallen a perfect quench to your summer thirst for action.

Grade: B

Olympus Has Fallen releases on DVD on Tuesday, Aug. 13, 2013.