1. What's the worst mistake you could make at a college party?
There are plenty of bad choices that you could face at a college party, among them being wearing uncomfortable shoes, dancing on an elevated surface or drinking too much “fun punch.” However, the VERY worst mistake that you could make is not having a buddy system with your girlfriends. It sounds cheesy, but a buddy system is crucial at college parties, because you should never walk anywhere alone late at night, no matter how safe you feel or how close you are to your dorm.

2. How do you find alone time if your roommate is always in your room too?
Take time to enjoy your room to yourself when your roommate is in class, or when she goes to eat. If she skips class and never seems to leave the room, you might want to talk to your RA. She can help the two of you work together to create some sort of roommate agreement so that you both have an equal amount of time to be alone in the room. 

3. What if the food sucks?
Most freshmen are required to have a meal plan, which makes for a very rough experience if you can’t stand the food in your dining hall. Try asking the food staff if they have a vegetarian option, which is sometimes better than the regular meal, or stick to foods that dining halls can’t mess up such as cereal, sandwiches and salads. Luckily, most schools host multiple free events every week that includes catering-read your school’s bulletin to find out where these events are when you need an escape from dining hall food.

4. Are you automatically a loner if you opt for a single dorm?
Absolutely not! The only thing you’ll miss out on by living in a single dorm is roommate drama. You might have to put yourself out there more, but you will still make plenty of friends in your dorm if you try! Take advantage of the events hosted by your RA, and sit with strangers in the dining hall to meet new people who live in your building. Everyone is new as a freshman, so it’s not weird to walk up and introduce yourself to anybody. Also, for the first few weeks of the semester, keep your door open when you are in your room so that people can stop by and say hello. You’ll be surprised by how jealous all of your friends get when they see how much space you have to yourself.

5. How do you avoid the Freshman 15?
Making and maintaining a balanced schedule is the best way to avoid the Freshman 15. Most college students gain weight during their first year because of three things: more stress, less sleep and 24-hour unhealthy food options in the dining hall. By following a structured schedule of eating three meals a day, setting aside time for studying and homework and going to sleep at a reasonable hour, you will highly reduce the probability of gaining the Freshman 15. It is also important to stay active in college. Just because you’re not a varsity athlete anymore doesn’t mean that you have to give up sports altogether. There are plenty of club teams to try out for, or if you’re just not into sports hit up the gym with friends!