If you go to or previously attended the University of Southern California, you are undoubtedly familiar with the 901 Bar, which the students affectionately call "the 9-0." Located on Figueroa, it's the only bar near USC you can get to by foot (well, except for on-campus bar Traddies and gastropub The Lab. But they don't really count).

This dive bar, with its sticky floors, obnoxious drunken frat bros, the occasionally wasted crying sorority girl in the bathroom and under-21 college freshmen with fake IDs, has made The Daily Meal's list as one of the best college bars in America.

The article only lists 25 bars, and "the 9-0" barely made the cut; it's No. 25. However, we must give it props as the article boasts that it's a great bar to watch USC football games and down two-for-one drinks from 4 p.m. to 9 p.m. daily. That's a pretty amazing deal.

But of course, "the 9-0" has its negatives: there aren't any beer pitchers or shot specials! This doesn't make any sense. Yes, there are daily specials such as $5 Dirty Shirleys on Mondays and $5 Whiskey n' Coke on Wednesdays, but clearly that's just not enough compared to other college bars across America.

The Daily Meal also states that the bar's distance from campus contributed to its low ranking. Now, that doesn't make any sense. Sure, the bar is technically pretty far away from campus, but freshmen who can't even get into "the 9-0" (unless they have a fake ID, of course) are the only ones on campus most of the time. A majority of students would probably say the bar is actually conveniently located, as it's right across the street from Greek Row on 28th Street, perfect for 'SC fraternity and sorority peeps to walk to and pregame before a big party or game.

Nevertheless, "the 9-0" should be proud it has made the Top 25 list. But let's be real, it could be higher on the rankings if it made some changes. Beer pitchers and shot specials would be very nice in addition to more space, more class and better music.

Being super close to Downtown Los Angeles, one would expect USC to have an amazing nightlife atmosphere, with at least a solid bar with all the fixings. Either "the 9-0" needs to step up its game, or the nightlife gods need to bless this university with a new rockin' college bar.

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