Senior year of college can be both exciting and extremely horrifying. The classes might be a little easier, your workload could be lighter, and you get to thoroughly enjoy what is it to be a college student for the last time with parties, football games and more.

On the other hand, you're also going to worry about entering the terrifying unknown: the post-grad world.

Business Insider suggested a few skills and tips every college senior should develop in order to make the transition into the post-grad world easier and to help them establish a foundation for their careers. Here are the 10 skills:

1) Figure out your learning style.

2) Read more than what's required.

3) Become an effective communicator.

4) Travel while you can.

5) Start managing your finances.

6) Intern or freelance.

7) Build your personal brand.

8) Tap into your network.

9) Leverage your experiences to get where you want to go.

And lastly, 10) Be open to a variety of future opportunities.

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