Broadcast on the Syfy channel earlier this year, this documentary by Paul Davids (of Jesus in India and "The Transformers" TV show fame) investigates the possibilities that the dead can communicate with the living from beyond the grave. Specifically, the film documents numerous unexplainable incidents that have happened to acquaintances of the late Forrest J. “Forry” Ackerman, who was the longtime editor of the Famous Monsters of Filmland magazine and all-around connoisseur of the spooky.

Forry was skeptical that messages from the afterlife could actually be sent, but there are a bunch of people who think that he’s pranking them by doing things like editing their notes, messing with magazine copy, making things “appear” and causing things to happen that don’t seem to be coincidental. Any one of these things could be shrugged off, but the film demonstrates how every incident has a tie to Ackerman and the wit and playfulness that he displayed while alive.

And the participants investigating these matters are not just a bunch of kooks or fanatics; the University of Arizona’s Dr. Gary E. Schwartz is one of many members of academia positing his opinion here. Famous mediums and well known authors such as Whitley Strieber and Dannion Brinkley also weigh in on the phenomenon and a vintage clip of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle reveals that he too, through personal experience, was a believer.

Also included on a second DVD is a compilation of clips from a wide range of everyday people telling their life after death stories.
Grade: B