Talk about "California Love!" Many Americans have shown mad love to California in a poll done by Business Insider.

Business Insider asked 1,603 Americans via SurveyMonkey how they felt about the 50 states. According to the poll, California is Americans' favorite state (besides their own, of course). In addition, Americans also consider California the craziest state and the state with the hottest residents. Hmm...I wonder where they got that idea? Could it be because of our amazing party scenes and the model-like figures that seem to occupy the beaches and Hollywood? Yeah, that probably has something to do with it.

Cali also got a lot of votes and honorable mentions in the following categories: best vacation spot, most beautiful scenery and the smartest (thank you, Stanford).

Now, to take down the cockiness a notch, please note that California received many votes for the most arrogant, the drunkest (ok, point taken), worst sports fans, the most overrated and here's the kicker: many Americans would like to see California get kicked out of America (Texas had the most votes)! Ouch.

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