BeautyCon 2013
Makeup artists and fashionistas pampered attendees at BeautyCon 2013.
(Credit: ALEX WYMAN)

If you are someone that loves and cares about fashion and beauty trends, then you must have heard about BeautyCon. Held on Aug. 24 at Siren Studios, BeautyCon, a convention where fashion and beauty meet with technology, was a huge success with more than 10,000 RSVPs.

Upon arrival, I was captivated by the large number of pink helium balloons floating in the room. The romantic pink, the lightness of the balloons and the dimly light room all contributed to create a disparate atmosphere compared to the bustling streets of L.A.  Along with the lit-up makeup station and pink carpet close to the entrance, it was as if I was transported from reality to a makeup fairyland. I could not wait to find out what the second, third and fourth floors had in store.

On the upper levels, YouTube celebrities seemed to be making an appearance at every corner: I spotted P'trique, Kandee Johnson, Jenn from Clothes Encounters, Rebecca Black and many more. They were all so open and friendly, and were really willing to interact with fans.

In addition, guests and fans were able to hear some of their favorite YouTube personalities, accredited stylists, fashion gurus, bloggers, "pinners," "Instagrammers," "vloggers" and celebrities speak on more than 11 panels. It was like watching the Internet come to life.

Apart from beauty products and clothing items, there were booths that gave out yummy treats such as coconut water, dietary supplement, Greek yogurt, popcorn, etc.

BeautyCon was almost perfect – except that the venue was way too small! The line waiting to get in was more than three blocks long, and parking was expensive.

But all in all, it was an excellent event where fashion and beauty lovers got to be pampered for a day while making new friends that share the same passion and meeting their favorite YouTube beauty gurus.