Living in today's digital world, we're used to seeing websites and getting emails that ask donors to give money towards a specific project, movie, album, etc. This method, called crowd funding, has become a popular tool for people to raise money to reach their goals. However, crowd funding isn't being just used for projects these days; college students have been using it to pay for tuition and other school costs.

Those familiar with the burden of college costs and student loans are probably not surprised that students are figuring out non-traditional methods to pay for school. Crowd funding is proving to be an excellent and convenient way for students to raise money to cover their college expenses.

Experts have come up with a list and tips on how students can make the most from crowd funding. It's all about the right site you choose (make sure the fees aren't ridiculously expensive), what should be on our page (explain why you need the money and how you plan to use it), being realistic (don't ask for $1 million. It's not going to happen) and using social media and other platforms to share your page.

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