It’s that time again. School is back! Not only do we have to hit the books, but we have to do it in style with all the school essentials. Back to school shopping can be a hassle and pretty expensive, so here is a guide to look great without burning a hole in your wallet.

By Caroline Aghajanian

Hand Sanitizer
This isn’t what you wear, but you will definitely need it in the icky school bathrooms or when you don’t have time in between classes to wash your hands. School carries so many germs from students and teachers, many of them may even be sick, so to have a hand sanitizer nearby is the smartest decision. You can find them for less than a dollar at local drug stores or even get the amazing scented ones from Victoria’s Secret and Bath & Body Works.

Your go-to bottom for classes is, without any doubt, denim. However, you need to know your body shape to pull off the perfect fit. For example, if you want something to enhance your curves, you should go for higher rise denim with a darker wash. Also, another trick to enhance your curves is jeans with smaller pockets. If you are very thin, you should give the boyfriend style a try, with a nice casual top that makes you look effortlessly cute.

V-neck Tops
You won’t have all the time in the morning to look your best; however, there is one go-to top you can throw on with shorts or your jeans and still look great. You can find fitted V-neck tops from almost anywhere: Forever 21, H&M, Urban Outfitters and more. You can get three basic colors, white, navy blue and gray, and you’ll be set! If you don’t usually wear a tight-fitted shirt, there are V-neck tops that are loose and still look great paired with denim, flats and jewelry.

Face Blotter
This may not be on the top of your list, but you will find out that it is an essential beauty item. When you spend half your day at school, you sweat and your makeup is going to stick on your face. Instead of reapplying it or taking it off, just blot your face with a face blotter. This will get rid of the excess oil on your face without getting rid of your makeup! If you don’t have a blotter and do not want to get one, a little trick is to use the paper-like toilet seat covers you can find in any public restroom. It is made out of the same material as the blotter and would do the trick just as well!

No one likes the feeling of being too hot with a jacket on, or too cold without a jacket. Having a light cardigan in the fall is perfect for the inconsistent weather you may have in class and during your breaks! There are two types of cardigans you can get: a fitted short one and a loose long one. You can find fitted ones at Nordstrom and Target. For the long loose ones, Anthropology and Free People have cute styles and fits, but here’s a warning: they may be a little bit over your budget.

By Angela Matano

Well-placed barrettes in a surprising pattern can take a boring chignon or half-up do to a new level. France Luxe offers a zillion great options from girly bows to sleek cat eyes to sparkly deco rectangles reminiscent of The Great Gatsby. I especially love the unexpected sweetness found in the long, skinny “floral rhapsody” clips. Alone, or in a pair, these pretty barrettes bring it on.

‘Zad’s jewelry options are affordable and adorable. It’s a great site to buy trendy items that you want to experiment with. I really love their multi-beaded ethnic earrings in a riot of color that bring oomph to any old T-shirt and jeans combo. They also have fun animal rings, like leopards, birds and octopuses that amuse and decorate fingers with aplomb.

Haute Couture
We can’t all afford a piece of luxury French brand Lanvin’s beautiful clothing. A small consolation? The four-piece Lanvin Petite Hair Clips – fun and stylish.

Get back to basics with a brand new pencil pouch. Out of Print’s book-inspired cases showcase a variety of titles, from the delightful Alice in Wonderland, peevish at Mad Hatter’s tea party, to the Edgar Allen Poe “Poe-ka dots.” I especially love the library card version, which evokes memories of Septembers passed.

So Young’s collection of backpacks make it easy to be unique and comfortable. The Junior styles, decorated with a map of the world or an old-school camera, summons the adventure of learning. Reminiscent of Wes Anderson’s Moonrise Kingdom charm, these bags stand out from the crowd.

A great way to dip your toes in the animal print pool, The Gap’s leopard envelope clutch can mix and match with anything from floral to stripes. Sleek and stylish, this bag is a steal.

Clogs have been trendy for a while now and seem to be moving into the realm of staple. Swedish Hasbeens serve up a multiple of styles, from classic to t-strapped heels in luscious colors like turquoise and gypsy green, and some even work with socks, perfect for our eventual winter.

Ear cuffs are a great new way to stand out without completely changing your look. The versions out there range from delicate to rocker to granola and can transform your look. Asos makes a pretty one with stacked triangles that will definitely get you noticed.

If you really think about it, there is not much you need for school regarding style and beauty. You can look really fresh just by buying a few of these items. Just remember: the most important thing is stationary that you would need. As great as you would look on the outside, there is nothing sexier than having knowledge in school.