...it's appropriately called "Twerk," and it goes a little something like this (prepare yourself):

[Miley Cyrus]: "I came up in this party, time to tweeeerk/I came up in this party, and I'm tuuuurnt/I came up in this party, time to tweeeerk...Twerk! Twerk! Twerk! Twerk! Twerk! Twerk! Twerk! Twerk!"

[Enter Justin Bieber singing some lyrics in his R&B, pop-y, sing-songy voice]

Um, ok. So truthfully, we're not entirely surprised that Cyrus is continuing to sing about twerking, especially after witnessing her twerk-tastic performance at MTV's Video Music Awards on Sunday night with Robin Thicke. However, we are a little surprised that JB and rapper Lil Twist (who appears on the chorus) have jumped on the twerkin' bandwagon...

Oh, well. The song was leaked on Wednesday, Aug. 28, and we think it couldn't have surfaced at a better time.

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