"The Vampire Diaries" is a series where the rewind button is appreciated. If you’re thinking of buying Season 4 of this bloodsucking teenage drama, you’re a fan and will probably agree with that sentiment. From the plot twists to the suspicious new characters, to the subtle eye glints and cheeky smirks, the suspenseful show deserves a second watch.

That should be the only reason one purchases the DVD set—to re-watch the show—because the special features are hardly worth shelling out the bucks. The deleted scenes are hit and miss; some were deleted for good reason, others would have been nice to include but nothing to write home about. The behind-the-scenes footage reveals little, often just the actors and writers rehashing common knowledge. Seeing the secrets CGI magic of the Hunter’s Mark was arguably the highlight. Otherwise, hearing about rubber rocks and learning how they found Silas’s island was anti-climatic. The gag reel could have been longer, and similar fan videos to the one featured could be found all over YouTube.

Lackluster special features aside, the show speaks for itself. With 23 episodes over five discs, it’s a sizable slice of the series, which seems to specialize in cliffhangers and gasp-worthy revelations.

This season reaches deep into the soul of main protagonist Elena as she transitions to vampire and realizes where she stands in the love triangle of brothers Stefan and Damon. Throw in Bonnie’s new magical power, Jeremy’s supernatural destiny, the first immortal being ever and what he holds, the ever-crazy Originals, purposeful Katherine, a new lady werewolf, the general perils of high school…and it’s really a show.

“The Vampire Diaries:” The Complete Fourth Season is currently available.

Grade: B-