A little rock, a little funk, a little hip-hop and tons of pop sensibility adds up to lots of good time party vibes for New Beat Fund.

This five-song E.P. leads off with “Scare Me,” a sly commentary about crooked bankers, overreaching technology and other delights lifted straight from the evening news, along with suggestions for avoiding such (hide under the sheets, cower in the basement smoking weed) all set to a kooky herky-jerk rhythm that would make the Beastie Boys proud. “Celibate Celebrity” is a funk workout with hilarious lyrics about dirty pictures going viral, and while the story is amusing the groove is no joke; the song is a big time dance floor butt-shaker. “Beware of Phony Disco” is similarly funky as it dismantles poser attitude, “Get Up” is a rock-and-reggae mash-up while “Peachez” is a slow motion dance laden with percussion effects.

You can tell with one listen that New Beat Fund is a band that would be an absolute hoot to see live. In the meantime, this introductory offering is built for repeated listening.

Grade: B