Based on the Stephen King novel The Colorado Kid, the SyFy network’s "Haven" is about the supernatural mysteries, collectively dubbed “the troubles,” that regularly interrupt life in the otherwise idyllic town of Haven, Maine.

The show’s three main characters are Audrey Parker, a former FBI agent now working for the Haven Police Department and played by Emily Rose, her fellow cop Nathan Wuornos (Lucas Bryant) and charming town ne’er-do-well Duke Crocker (Eric Balfour.)

"Haven" has multiple underlying themes, all of which develop during this third season but continue to baffle right through to the season finale, the two most important of which are Audrey’s connection to "the troubles" and the question of who the Colorado Kid is and what he has to do with Haven’s problems. As the season plays out, it’s revealed that "the troubles," which come and go over time, began anew when Audrey came to town, an apparent repetition of what happened when she lived previous lives as Sarah and Lucy. With that in mind, there’s a certain element that wants Audrey gone if not dead.

As to the Colorado Kid, previously presumed to be dead, a coffin full of bricks is discovered upon an attempt to exhume his body.

But the continuing themes are just part of the Haven fun; as Audrey, Nathan and Duke try to figure out what’s going on, each episode also features a “trouble of the week.” Some of the stuff that happens in Season 3 includes magnetism gone wild (watch out for falling manhole covers!), a man zapping people into the past with his mind, a trouble with water that at worst kills people in swimming pools and at a humorous best fills occupied and the misadventures of a little girl whose comments are acted out by those they’re directed at (she screams “I hate your guts!” at a man, and he promptly gores his bowels out.)

There are UFO’s, crop circles and two episode arcs, one about a serial killer who murders with a bolt gun and the other about a hunt for a skin-walker. These themes merge into one as the season nears its close, and all the other themes converge for the cliffhanger that leaves the survival of Audrey and others in question.

"Haven" features lots of beautiful scenery shots too, but don’t plan on heading to Maine to have a look; Haven is fictional, and the show is actually shot in Nova Scotia, Canada. The Haunting Truth About Haven documentary, the "Escape to Haven" webisode series, interviews with cast members and guest stars, and deleted and alternate scenes are included as bonuses.

Season 4 of "Haven" premieres on the SyFy channel Sept. 13.

Grade: A